Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is an approach to health that focuses on finding the underlying, root cause of disease. Not just what you are sick with, but how and why you got there and how to correct it to live a life of full and abundant good health. This means tracing back where the illness or symptoms began and reversing it, not just covering it up with medication. While Acupuncture at Lake Life is also looking for the root cause of disease, Functional Medicine sessions are purely consultations and focus on labwork, health history, supplementation and lifestyle coaching to help you reach your health goals.

First sessions are $145 for about 1 hour, and return visits are $100 and take about 45 minutes for continued consultation and updated treatment plan, labwork and supplements. Functional medicine consultations are beneficial all on their own, especially when you are committed to making the lifestyle changes, however, to increase success in your health goals you can add an acupuncture session add-on service at reduced a cost (acupuncture is effective at reducing inflammation and pain, improving blood and lymphatic circulation, calming the nervous system and balancing neurotransmitters, and more, so it is a powerful tool in the natural healthcare arsenal).

Common conditions addressed through Functional Medicine include hormonal imbalances (including thyroid dysfunction and adrenal fatigue), chronic headache/migraine, diabetes, insulin resistance, insomnia, acid reflux, digestive complaints, and more.