“This acupuncture stuff really works! It has greatly helped me with sinus and digestion problems. I can highly recommend Jamie and her staff!” –Patricia.

“[the edema caused] fat, swollen legs. [after acupuncture] the swelling went down almost immediately. It felt great. I love the changes—its time to buy new shoes; I can’t wait for summer!” –Trudie.

“Jamie has changed my life for the better! I am so grateful to be involved with Jamie & look forward to better health.” –Lynne.

“I am so thrilled how acupuncture has helped my body become more balanced and I have more energy. My entire family now does acupuncture and there is a noticeable difference in all our healths. This stuff is amazing!” –Denyce.

“Jamie and the staff are very caring. They take the time to listen to my health issues and really work hard at helping me.” –Jennifer.

“Jamie is so very knowledgeable and trustworthy. She is calm and approachable, makes the experience very positive.” –Judy.

“I see a lot of doctors and go to a lot of offices but I’ve never felt more welcome than here or felt as if all that mattered was getting rid of my pain. I feel amazing beyond anything I could have thought possible. I still hurt all the time—but I can function [now]. I feel like my life was given back to me!” –Britta.

“FREEDOM!! Not one headache since I started with Jamie! I feel relaxed and refreshed when leaving acupuncture. Thank you Jamie!” –Carrie.

“Jamie and staff are exceptional and she has worked very hard to help me alleviate the pain which I feel is having success. Thank you Jamie!!!” –Linda.

“I feel rejuvenated spiritually, physically and emotionally. It’s an amazing feeling!” –Sherrie.

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