There are few diseases in the modern age as devastating as Lyme–not just because the symptoms are so debilitating, but also because it so misunderstood in the medical community and often misdiagnosed and therefore mistreated. So many patients are made to feel that they are at best untreatable and at worst making it up entirely. Too many parents have watched their children suffer with no answers, spouses watched their partners waste away and questioned, and families torn apart by the myriad of symptoms–migraines, nausea/vomiting, fibromyalgia-pain, weakness, paralysis, cognitive dysfunction, depression, and more–and a medical system seemingly designed to let you suffer.

But there is hope. Dr. Davis has been through it personally and professionally. Bitten by ticks at age 11, Jamie fell ill within weeks with bizarre symptoms that did not match any known diagnosis. It took 23 years of brutal symptoms, experimental treatments that went no where, and years of medical school to finally find a diagnosis. But by then she had already had 3 children, and now their bizarre and unanswered symptoms made sense as well–all of them were fighting lyme and several coinfections, including babesia, bartonella and rocky mountain spotted fever. By the time she was diagnosed the disease had spread to most of her organs, and within two years into treatment it had entered her brain and heart, leading to life-threatening complications. Jamie began an odyssey of lyme treatment in 2014 for her and her children, which continues today. While not yet fully recovered, she is currently in remission and once again living life to its fullest. For details on this journey, visit

Professionally Dr. Davis has discovered lyme in dozens of patients, which was then confirmed and officially diagnosed. She has used the 3,000-year old medical system of Chinese medicine along with medical research and her own treatments to provide support for her patients, guidance in traversing the medical system, and a treatment plan for her patients that dramatically reduces the symptoms of lyme and coinfections to reclaim your life, improve your immune system, and fight off this devastating disease. This is not a cure, it is a powerful tool to fight and win the war against lyme.

Lyme disease treatments are for adults and children. Visits include consultation, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, bodywork and dietary advice. You do not need to purchase a package or commit to a series. Treatment plans and prognosis vary depending on each individual. *however, most patients need to be seen typically twice a week for the first 6 weeks.

There is hope to live a normal life again. Know that you are supported and not alone in this journey.