One of the most profound, clinical observations that Dr. Davis has made in her years of experience, has been seeing the affects of scar (called keloid) tissue on the body. The entire body is wrapped in a connective sheath called myofascia, and when one area of the myofascial layer gets bound up and knotted, like what happens when scar tissue forms, it begins to pull on the rest of the body to compensate. For example,  oftentimes women in their 40’s and 50’s begin to experience types of incontinence, chronic low back or hip pain, chronic UTI’s, that continues to worsen as they get older; Dr. Davis’ first question to these women is if they have ever had a C-section, hysterectomy, appendectomy, or any other kind of abdominal surgery. Dr. Davis has found that abdominal surgeries lead to scar tissue within the abdomen and pelvis that eventually will pull on the internal organs—including the bladder—as well as the structural skeleton (hips) and muscles (psoas, etc.). This can lead to conditions like incontinence or chronic pain.

There are many other examples of how scar tissue can affect the body—from low back pain, to frozen shoulder, to chronic knee pain. You name it, if there is a scar—even arthroscopic or tiny scars—there might be an obstruction that has formed in your fascia creating symptoms that had until now seemed unrelated. A very common pattern of pain created by scar tissue is that you feel it on the contra lateral (opposite side of the body, different joint) from where the scar tissue is because it is pulling that plan of fascia (for example, right side hip surgery causing pain in the left shoulder). This pattern is often missed, and the current symptoms of pain leaves providers scratching their heads because there is nothing wrong anatomically at the site of pain.

Using Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, we use a 6-week protocol for scar tissue to break it up and help the body relay healthy, normal tissue. This in turn treats things like stomach pain, back pain, incontinence, etc., as the myofascial layer is no longer tugging on the rest of the body. You will be amazed at the difference it can make when your organs and tissues are no longer being bound and pulled from keloid tissue.